Leidenschaft im Job – der Nutzen für das Unternehmen

Wie profitiert ein Unternehmen davon, dass seine Mitarbeitenden mit Leidenschaft bei der Sache sind?

Kevin und Jackie Freiberg, die Autoren von Nuts! Southwest Airlines‘ Crazy Recipe for Business and Personal Success, haben darüber den Artikel Passion Finding it in Your Life, Building it in Your Business geschrieben, den Curt Rosengren so zusammenfasst:

  1. Passion intensifies our focus.
  2. Innovation and creativity become key factors in adding value to the customers we serve. Approaching the business with a fresh, new perspective requires people who are fully awake, fully alive, and who have an active, intense, engaged focus on making things better.
  3. With intense pressures to perform itÂ’s easy to cut ethical corners and compromise doing whatÂ’s right. It requires passion to protect and promote the values driving the business.
  4. People with passion raise the standards of performance in an organization.
  5. People with passion create an electric, exciting work environment that energizes others.
  6. Passion creates a sense of urgency that is required of every organization going through change in todayÂ’s highly competitive world.
  7. Passion helps people deal with fear.
  8. There is less attrition and absenteeism in a passionate work environment, where meaningful work and a heroic cause energize people.
  9. Dramatic change and complexity are requiring an unprecedented effort from the contemporary work force. Passion will be the key to PERSEVERANCE in the midst of this change.
  10. Perhaps the most exciting benefit that comes from cultivating passion in an organization is the contagious enthusiasm it generates. Passionate people ignite enthusiasm in the rest of us.

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