The blog as business tool has arrived

Soeben entdeckt auf The Wall Street Journal Online: Blogs Keep Internet Customers Coming Back

Passagen, die ich ganz besonders interessant finde:

„It’s a new way of communicating, rather than marketing,“ says Charlene Lee, an analyst at Forrester Research. Like other forms of publishing, blogs attract the largest audiences […] In a similar vein, blogs with character are seen as more effective than some more traditional online-marketing strategies, such as static, brochurelike Web sites and electronic newsletters that may get blocked by spam filters.

Interactive Spirit: Another strategy company blogs use is to engage in direct dialogue with customers by using a „comments“ feature that allows visitors to post remarks.

To build an audience, blogs don’t have to be edgy, provocative or funny, says blog coach Griff Wigley, of Wigley and Associates, Northfield, Minn., who has helped several dozen small companies start online journals. But they do have to be authentic and provide useful information. The personal touch helps build relationships with customers, something particularly important to small companies catering to local communities.

Personality a Plus: Rick E. Bruner, research manager and resident blog expert at the New York online advertising company DoubleClick Inc., says: „Personality is part of what keeps people coming back. That doesn’t have to be reckless.“

Na, da war doch mein Entscheid, meinen Newsletter durch den JobBlog abzulösen, goldrichtig :-)

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